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How to Book a Tattoo

We take walk-ins!


You can always call the shop ahead of time the day of, or regarding a day in the near future to see if we have time for smaller tattoos, as our artists sometimes have openings due to cancellations. However, if there isn’t any availability in the near future, you can book the appointment ahead of time by filling out the booking form below.



Our Booking Process


Below we have our booking form which provides us with all the information we need to properly book each client. It can take a period of up to two weeks for a response to your booking form, as our artists work a full time schedule of drawing, tattooing, and communicating with clients, and cannot always respond to emails within a timely manner. We are grateful for your patience.

Once the artist replies to your booking form, you will get a chance to discuss all the details regarding your tattoo and will be able to book your appointment.



Deposit Policy

In order to book an appointment, we require a non-refundable deposit that will go towards the price of the final session of your tattoo. The only way you can lose your deposit is if you cancel your appointment without giving 48 hours notice, extreme tardiness, no showing, or if you cancel 2 appointments in a row.

Booking Form

Preferred Artist

Note: To book with Kyle, please visit his site directly.

Do you have a budget?
What days of the week are you available?
Do you have other tattoos near the area?
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Is this a coverup?
Is this your first tattoo?

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